Advanced Cash Flow Forecasting

Cash flow forecasting is an essential process as part of managing the business. Sufficient cash is the number one condition for operating your organisation. Without cash your organisation is unable to continue its activities: employees’ salaries have to be paid on a monthly basis and your suppliers will require payment of their invoices

It is essential to have a clear view of the level of cash flow in order to determine whether there is sufficient cash available.

In this guide you will be taken through two of the essential elements of a high quality and reliable cash flow forecast: designing and building a cash flow model, and designing and building a cash flow forecasting process.

Key Topics:

  1. Designing and building a cash flow model
  2. Business process model case study
  3. Relevant business processes – External indicators – Internal indicators
  4. Business relationships
  5. Designing a system diagram
  6. Choosing the type of cash flow model: indirect or direct method
  7. Building the cash flow model
  8. Designing and implementing a cash flow forecasting process
  9. Setting limitations in the model
  10. Stock level limits – Effect of variables

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This course is free of charge.

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